My name is Cynthia.
I live in Sydney and when I'm not riding my kangaroo to school, I'm eating Vegemite and cheese. Cityrail is my life.
I enjoy reading and knitting and going to bed before midnight. I am a self-confessed grandma.
I enjoy reblogging pictures of pretty places & things, Jason Mraz, Sydney Swans and food. Lots of food.
Also, i have moustaches for eyebrows.


i swear to god I’m such a low maintenance friend like you could have not spoken to me for months and ill still be like yEAH FRIEND HI 

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what Americans imagine being Australian means


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so apparently an arm can sell on the black market for $885, ($500 for the shoulder plus $385 for the hand an forearm) 

and a leg can sell for $500 (at least thats the lowest price of an albino leg so im guessing here) 

So when someone says “That’ll cost an arm ad a leg” they are roughly asking for $1,335

which is less than i would have guessed. 

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people that will always talk in caps with you are the best people because that means instant friendship

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Gonna cry


Gonna cry

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“Chuck a u’ey”

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my dad demanding mints in exchange for a ride home


my dad demanding mints in exchange for a ride home

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thats my favourite animal

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i love the term “bear with me” because it could mean either 1 of 2 things:

  • asking someone to be patient
  • confirmation that the zoo heist was a success

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